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Ceffer Hawk

Born: 1996 October 31 (Whatever makes him 26) in Sacawat, Tennessee
Powers: Invisibility
(No Powers,Summon-able Allies, Familiar)

Ceffer Hawk

   Growing up Ceffer wandered hills near his town. He enjoyed camping, hunting, debating and daydreaming. He joined the school debate club and won at a regional debate competition. When Ceffer Hawk was a 12 year old child he came across an  unusual object while playing in the Hills of Tennessee.
It turned out to be the host ship for a non-corporal entity named Alishari. It was dying with out its life support system. It asked him if it could use his body as a life support system. This entity became his first contract It shared his life force and required his body to supply the energy for both of them.
His family did not know but they trained him in the way of martial arts and infiltration skills he would later put to use in his military career.
Military career
   At the age of 18 he joined the US Army mastering pistol. His skills in stealth were put into use in Afghanistan as a scout for the Rangers.
discovered about this time that he could cloak Ceffer and offer some small protection against firearms.
One day his unit was attacked by a shadowy intangible person. After the person killed several men and took out the fuel depot Ceffer manged to take him down with a pistol.
Trying to contact a negotiator
   During an encounter with some terrorist cultist Ceffer found a book detailing complex rituals.
Alishari recognized them as rituals that sent a signal to far parts of the universe to arrange a meeting. Most of them were rituals that were for summoning creatures of ill intent but one marked with all sorts of warnings was a divine messenger a sort of divine lawyer. Ceffer summoned him and arranged a deal with him. Ceffer and Alishari agreed to be emissaries/ agents for the celestials.
Contacted by the Tiger Clan
   Around this time one of his cousins was captured by a shadow organization and experimented on. Because he(cousin) was under constant surveillance by the organization the member of the family were cautious about approaching him especially since he did not know that many of them were an ancient secret clan of Were-Tigers trying to keep knowledge of their existence secret. Eventually he got mixed up with very nefarious people and disappeared what happened to him is unknown. But Ceffer Hawk like the rest of his family have made it their duty to hunt down the organization that experimented on him(cousin). Ceffer's Mother while raiding one of the super secret sinister society (SSSS) bases was critically injured.

Contracted to take down
Ceffer left the military on orders from the celestials due to conflicts of duty. He has since taken jobs as a bounty hunter/mercenary and has expanded his list of Contracted allies. The Celestials have tasked Ceffer and Alishari with the task of taking down the SSSS.
Given his duel motivation he spends his time trying to look up leads on them, but they tend to live up to their name.
Taking out the Misfits

Current Contracts
These are the entities whom he currently has contracted to respond.
Alishari /äl-ĭ-shar-ē/ (telepathic intangible entity )
Alishari is an alien, who live out of mostly phase with normal matter, and whose language is completely telepathic pictogram and emotional feedback. It was part of a survey ship intended to observe the world after the introduction of complex bio-meta-physic devices into the indigenous sapient species. The ship was attacked and crashed to the planet below. Most of the crew were killed. Alishari’s life support was failing when Ceffer encountered him. Alishari asked Ceffer to support him and he would protect and advise Ceffer to the best of his ability.
Kath'aheli /kăth-'-äĕl-ē/ “Contract Lawyer” (Celestial Entity)
Kath’aheli is a member of the celestial race. He
TikInerda /tik-l-nǝr-dä/ (Sapient Iron-Wood Armours)


Gill Squid “ Alien-bio-SCUBA” (Small Alien Cephalopods)

Krispy“Blaster” (Small Fire Elemental)

Sparky “Blaster” (Small Fire Elemental)

Hydras /hī-drăs/ (Small Water Elemental)

G'mbet /G’m-bĕt/ “Probability Manipulator” (Elf/Pixie/Goblin Criminal)
G’mbet is a probibility manipulating Fair folk. He is rude, crude and lecharious. He taught himself English just so he could harrass woman. He is on probationary status with the Celestial negotiation buroe because his last two contract died under unsual circumstances.
Travelers “Teleport Travelers” (Waypoint Rock)

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