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Health (HT)

                    ±10 points/level
   Health measures energy and vitality. It represents stamina, resistance (to poison, disease, radiation, etc.), and basic “grit.” A high HT is good for anyone – but it is vital for low-tech warriors. HT determines Fatigue Points (B. 16), and helps determine Basic Speed (B. 17) and Basic Move (B. 17).

Fatigue Points (FP)

              ±3 points per ±1 FP
  Fatigue Points represent your body’s “energy supply.” By default, you have FP equal to your HT. For
instance, HT 10 gives 10 FP.
  You can increase FP at the cost of 3 points per FP, or reduce FP for -3 points per FP. In a realistic campaign, the GM should not allow FP to vary by more than ±30% of HT; e.g., a HT 10 character could have between 7 and13 FP. Nonhumans and supers are not subject to this limit. Also, while HT is usually limited to 20, there is no such limit on FP.
  You burn FP gradually during strenuous activity. Disease, heat, hunger, missed sleep, and the like can
also sap FP. You can deliberately “spend” FP to fuel extra effort (see B. 356) and supernatural powers (e.g., magic spells). As well, some attacks cause FP damage instead of or in addition to HP damage. If you lose enough FP, you will slow down or fall unconscious – and if you lose too many, you risk death from overexertion! Lost FP do not reduce HT, despite being based on HT.
  Fatigue is often compared to some multiple of your FP; e.g., “2xFP” or “FP/2.” Where this is the case, use your basic FP score in the formula, not your current FP total.
  For more on losing and recovering
FP, see B. 426-427.

Energy Reserves

Powers 119, Horror 20
   Fictional power-wielders often draw on special “power supplies” to fuel their abilities. To represent this, buy Fatigue Points at the usual 3 points apiece but treat them as a new “Energy Reserve” (ER) advantage. This is always tied to a particular power source; e.g., 10 FP for psi powers is “ER 10 (Psi) [30].”
   An ER can only power abilities of the same source. It can pay the basic FP costs to use advantages, those added by Costs Fatigue, and expenditures for extra effort and stunts (see Powers Chapter 4). It can also fuel related skills; e.g., ER (Magical) can energize spells. Powers can still
draw on normal FP; if they can’t, add -5% to the power modifier.
   However, an ER isn’t the same as FP. Only associated powers can deplete it. Fatigue Attacks, missed sleep, and so on don’t sap it, and other powers, wild abilities, and ordinary extra effort can’t tap it. Furthermore, depleting an ER causes none of the effects of going below 1/3 FP – and having a full ER doesn’t protect against those effects.
   An ER recharges by one point every 10 minutes, independent of rest. You can recover FP at the same time if you rest. Factors that alter FP recovery generally have no effect on ER recharge rate.
   Skills connected to the ER’s source can help replenish it. For instance, the Recover Energy spell (p. B248) improves the recharge rate of ER (Magic). Abilities of that source can also help. Damage Resistance with Absorption can heal ER, FP, or HP for the usual +80%. Leech can have “Heals ER” or “Only Heals ER” for the price of “Heals FP” or “Only Heals FP.” Regeneration can have “ER Recovery” or “ER Only” for the price of “Fatigue Recovery” or “Fatigue Only,” and often has an Accessibility limitation such as “Only in direct sunlight” (-10%), “Only on holy days or in holy places” (-40%), or “Only inside a nuclear reactor” (-80%).

Special Modifiers

   Abilities Only: Your ER can only pay the basic FP costs of your abil-
ities. It’s of no use for extra effort or stunts. -10%.
   One Power: Only available if you have two or more powers of a given
source. Your ER works with just one of your powers. -50%.
   Slow Recharge: Your ER recharges slowly. -20% for one point/hour;
-60% for one point/day.
   Special Recharge: Your ER doesn’t recharge over time. It only recharges via DR with Absorption, Leech, the Steal Energy spell, etc. This is incompatible with Slow Recharge. -70%, or -80% if the energy bleeds away at the rate of one point/second, forcing you to use it quickly.
  Stunts Only: Your ER is only useful for extra effort and stunts. It can’t pay the FP costs for normal ability use. This is incompatible with Abilities Only. -10%.

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