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Post by d0e8r on Sun Aug 14, 2016 9:00 pm


Elliot has always had a vivid imagination. As a child he would imagine that he was actually driving, piloting, building etc. whatever toy he was playing with at the time. His unique powers however, were of the nature that they remained undetected for some time. Eliot learned to read at the age of four. Unusual, but not cause for concern to label him a super.

Elliot's teachers in the "normal" world described him as incredibly bright, in fact, almost genius when it came to figuring out how new things worked, or when using new technology. In school He was painfully shy, and kept to himself however. Often he seemed to be in his own little world, and was often teased for his fantastic imagination. His creative writing skills were good, his science scores excellent, and his physics scores tolerable, but his history scores were abysmal, as was math. He could almost always get the correct answer in math, but could never show his work. He got suspended once for hacking the school computers.

Eliots powers were discovered shortly after his sixteenth birthday. Eliot learned how to drive exceptionally quickly, and seemed to pick up the rules of the road as well. Not in itself cause for concern, but in his entire driving experiencehe never had to stop for a red light. Eliott's teacher tried to take him through difficult situations, but conditions were a traffic moved out of his way, and . while he had been using them long before, this was the first manifestation that warranted suspicion. On a {to be continued}

Elliot's super power is that any situation he imagines himself in regard to use of a physical object that exists in his immediate vicinity (that he can sense with sight, touch, or hearing) , regardless of how bizarre, becomes reality. Eliot doesn't actually have to know how to use the object, not does it have to be in functioning order. Reality bends around Elliot to allow him to use the object as if he knew how to use it (or had authorization to use it), whether it was in working order before Elliot touched it or not. If Elliot doesn't know what the object does or how to use it, it works as he IMAGINES it to work. This can occasionally lead to confused looks from those not familiar with his power who are familiar with technology he is not. For this to work though, Elliot must genuinely not know what the object does. Once he knows, it will only do what he has been told it will do.

(This is not fleshed out or coherent. I know it has problems. As described, his powers would have been detected much earlier. Futher more, they are OP. This is not to be his final skillset. I've just jotted down all the types of powers I could think of that I'd like to play.His power set and backstory could completely change. This is just one rather disjointed start)


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