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Post by doomedelf on Sat Apr 30, 2016 9:35 pm

The history of Wells Hills as can be found in the hometown museum:

1938 Anthony Wells II Moves to America. He spends a chunk of his inheritance in buying up some land in Colorado.
1967 Anthony Wells II has an accident and dies.
1968 Anthony Wells III founds a small town on the property. He builds a College and a research center that prove very profitable.
1993 Roomers start going around about a little kid floating at a birthday party.
1994 The mayor makes a deal with the government to provide a “sanctuary” for the super toddlers showing up. Several facilities are built to accommodate the young supers.
2016 Public starts requesting information about the “real life supers conspiracy theory” when a child celebrity goes missing. Lots of rumors are rekindled, many more are started.
2020 Present Day. Summer break has just begun.

Superpower mechanics
Super Powers are limited to Humans only.
No flying pigs
No flying monkeys
No shapeshifting Snakes
No Precog dog
Super Powers tend to run in siblings but not cousins
Powers reflect the child’s belief he/she can do something.
Powers reflect the child’s interests.
Powers may be hidden, even to the super.
Powers can begin to form from 3 to 5 years old, and slow down at 7.
Powers can be fine tuned throughout life.

Public Knowledge
An average of 5 Supers come to Wells Hills each week.
Most of these fall into a couple of categories:
Obvious and Showy powers, almost always children
Boastful personality types/show-offs
Less often, subtle powers by older children, and rarely adults
Those with no obvious powers who have siblings who do

School Culture
Telepaths rarely talk verbally with each other.
Teleporters are never seen walking alone unless exercising
Ice powers don’t like the heat
Fire and plant powers don’t like the cold
True were-creatures don’t go out at night during full moons
Never play poker with a precognitive
Or a telepath
Likewise never play hide and seek with invisibles, teleports, or shape changers
You can always find at least one gadgeteer in any workshop
Never call a flying guy by Peter Pan
Or a gal by Wendy or TinkerBell
Don’t carry around cellphones you intend to keep
Or try to hack the internet security; they WILL catch you.
If you simply must go AWOL, don’t expect to get anywhere.
Except on a first name basis with the rangers/border patrol
Some facilities are designed with specific powers in mind
Don’t go firebending in the arboretum
And it’s not cool to teleport through the obstacle course.
Don’t go fishing in the lake designated for practise only; it is an artificial lake, real fish were never added.


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