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Combat Cheet Sheet

Main TitleSub-actionDescriptionDefensesMovement

Do Nothing

If you’re attacked before you’ve had a chance to choose a maneuver – usually at the start of combat – you’re considered to be taking a Do Nothing maneuver.AnyNone

Metal stun

You are at -4 to active defenses and cannot retreat. You must Do Nothing on your next turn. At the end of your turn, attempt an IQ roll to recover.  On a success, you recover at the end of this turn – that is, you Do Nothing this turn, but may act normally next turn.Any, -4None


You are at -4 to active defenses and cannot retreat. You must Do Nothing on your next turn. At the end of your turn, attempt an HT roll to recover. On a success, you recover at the end of this turn – that is, you Do Nothing this turn, but may act normally next turn.Any, -4None


You are at -4 to active defenses and cannot retreat. You must Do Nothing on your next turn. At the end of your turn, attempt an IQ roll to recover.  On a success, you recover at the end of this turn – that is, you Do Nothing this turn, but may act normally next turn.Any, -4None


   Use this maneuver to make an armed or unarmed attack in melee combat, or to use a thrown or missile weapon in ranged combat. To use a weapon to attack, it must be ready. If you are using a melee weapon or unarmed attack, your target must be within reach. If you are using a ranged weapon, your target must be within the weapon’s Max range.AnyStep

Move and attack

Move as described for the Move Maneuver, but during or after your move you may make a single, poorly aimed attack. If you are making a ranged attack, you have a penalty of -2 or the weapon’s Bulk rating, whichever is worse. If you are making a melee attack other than a slam, you have -4 to your skill and your adjusted skill cannot exceed 9.Dodge, BlockFull


“Fake” a melee attack. You cannot Feint someone unless you could have hit him with a melee attack. This maneuver is not an attack, though, and does not make your weapon unready. The full procedure for performing a Feint maneuver is found on page 365 of the Campaigns (Basic Set) book.Step

Active Defense


Retreat is not a separate defense, but an option you may add to any active defense against a melee attack. To exercise this option, you must step away from your attacker; as with a normal step, you must move at least 1 yard, but no more than 1/10 of your move. Retreating gives +1 to Block, +1 to Parry, and +3 to Dodge. Exception: If you parry using Boxing, Judo, Karate, or any fencing skill, a retreat gives you +3 to Parry.AnyStep

Dodge and Drop

When under fire, hit the dirt! You may drop to the ground while dodging, earning a +3 bonus to Dodge. This is a “dodge and drop.” It is similar to a retreat, but only effective against ranged attacks. It also has a drawback: it leaves you prone on the ground.DodgeNone


Move, but take no other action. You may move any number of yards up to your full Move score. Sprinting: If you run forward for two or more turns in a row, you get bonus movement on your second and later moves. Add 20% to your Move after one second (drop fractions). Assume that even the slowest sprinter gets at least +1 Move.AnyFull

Free Action: Crouch

If standing, you may opt to crouch at the beginning of your turn. This makes you a smaller target for ranged attacks, but will slow your movement speed. You cannot crouch and sprint. If you are already crouching, it is a free action to rise from a crouching position at the start of your turn.Any2/3 move
Change PostureThis maneuver lets you switch between any two “postures.” Valid postures are standing, sitting, kneeling, crawling, lying prone (face down), and lying face up. You cannot stand up directly from a lying position; you must rise to a crawling, kneeling, or sitting posture first. The effects of each posture are summarized on p. 551.Any, penaltiesNone


WaitDo nothing unless a particular event you specified in advance occurs before your next turn. If that happens, you may transform your Wait into an Attack, Feint, All-Out Attack, or Ready maneuver. Active Defense: You may defend normally while you are waiting, or after your Wait is triggered. If you defend, you may not transform your wait into an All-Out Attack maneuver.AnyNone till trigger
ReadyTake a Ready maneuver to pick up or draw any item and prepare it for use. In some cases, you may also need a Ready maneuver to regain control of an unwieldy weapon after a swing, or to adjust the reach of a long weapon. You can use a Ready maneuver to perform physical actions other than fighting, such as opening or closing a door. Continuing actions may require multiple, consecutive Ready maneuvers.Anystep
AimSpecify the weapon you are aiming with and your target. If you follow an Aim maneuver with an Attack or All-Out Attack with the same weapon against the same target, you get a bonus to hit. Add the weapon’s Accuracy (Acc) to your skill. If you brace a firearm or crossbow you get an extra +1 to Accuracy. If you are injured while aiming, you must make a Will roll or lose your aim. Active Defense: Any, but use of an Active Defense will automatically spoil your Aim and lose all accumulated benefits.Anystep
EvaluateSpecify one visible opponent who is close enough to attack unarmed or with a ready melee weapon, or whom you could reach with a single Move and Attack maneuver. An Evaluate maneuver gives you +1 to skill for the purpose of an Attack, Feint, Move and Attack, or an All-Out Attack. You may take multiple, consecutive Evaluate maneuvers, for a maximum bonus of +3.Anystep
ConcentrateYou concentrate on one primarily mental task. This can be casting a magical spell, making a psi roll, making a Sense roll, or many other similar actions. Some activities require you to take the Concentrate maneuver for multiple seconds. If you are forced to use an active defense, knocked down, injured, or otherwise distracted before you finish, you must make a Will-3 roll. On a failure, you lose your concentration and must start over.Anystep


Attack any foe with a ready weapon, making no effort to defend against enemy attacks.Can not DefendNone½ move forward
Strike+4 to hit melee
Shoot+1 to hit ranged
DoubleMake two attacks against the same foe, if you have two ready weapons, or one weapon that does not have to be readied after use. Attacks with a second weapon in the off hand are at the usual -4.
Feint-StrikeFeint then attack
StrongMake a single attack at normal skill. If you hit, you get +2 to damage (or +1 damage per die, if that would be better). This only applies to melee attacks doing ST-based thrust or swing damage.
Suppressive FireTake the entire turn to spray an area with automatic fire. You can only choose this maneuver if your weapon has RoF 5+. See p. 409 for the full effects of suppression fire.


Can not attack
DoubleApply two different active defenses against the same attack. If you fail your first defense roll against an attack, you may try a second, different defense against that attack.Any twostep
FocusedAdd +2 to one active defense of your choice: Dodge, Parry, or Block. This bonus persists until your next turn.½ with dodge,step


HP<=0You are in immediate danger of collapse. Make an HT roll at the start of your next turn, at -1 per full multiple of HP below zero. Success means you can act normally, but must roll again every turn to continue functioning.  Failure means you fall unconscious.
HP<1/3max HPYou are reeling from your wounds.  Halve your Move and Dodge, whatever they currently are. Round up.
Major WoundsA “major wound” is any single injury of greater than 1⁄2 your HP. You must make an immediate HT roll to avoid knockdown and stunning. On a success, you suffer no penalty beyond ordinary shock (p. 419) . On a failure, you’re stunned. You fall prone (if you weren’t already), and if you were holding anything you drop it. On a failure by 5 or more, or any critical failure, you fall unconscious!

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